Monday, April 26, 2010

The downside of sissors!

I haven't put some Izzy updates recently, so here is what we learned on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Izzy loves to stamp with me and she has her own desk and supplies. On that desk she had a pair of Izzy sissors that she uses when crafting. Well, Saturday night was supposed to be her first night in her big girl room since we are leaving the baby's room for the new baby.

All is well that night and I go to check on her and I see this on the floor by the bed.
I look to the bed and I see no Izzy, but this on her pillow.
I quickly head across the hall and find this little one sound asleep in her bed with half of her hair cut off on the top of her head. Yikes!!!!! Okay she kind of woke up from the flash and I asked her why she cut her hair. She said she was hot. What???????
The next morning I made Izzy pick up all of the hair and she took a bath. Here is the after shot with the hair in the bag. I made a quick SOS call to the gal who cuts Izzy's hair and she thankfully helped out on her Sunday morning.
Here we are at Kim's house getting the hair to have some look. At this time, Izzy is telling both of us that she likes short hair and meant to cut it.
The after shot
We were greeters at church that morning, so off we went. Now, Izzy is a hair twirler when she is stressed. So right in the middle of church during the joys and concerns section, Izzy looks to me and says, "Mom, I really want my long hair back!" (She figured out that she can't twirl shor hair that well) Thankfully my Mom was right there and they had a little talk. The next thing I know Izzy is on my lap and raising her hand with her concern. She says to the pastor, "Could we pray that got would grow my hair back really quick. I cut my long hair with my sicssors and now I want it back." Needless to say the whole church was cracking up, but she was very serrious.
It is never a dull moment around here!
It's a good life!
Terri E.


Banu said...

Terri, I was like WOW..This story had its fun moments..but the innocence of it struck me the most :) TFS.

Silke Ledlow said...

OMG Terri this is funny..or not...LOL!!! Our little Miriam recently cut herself too and we had to cut most of her hair off too :(. Now she reminds me of Julie Anders from the *Sound of Music*...LOL!!! Hugs ~S~