Sunday, January 13, 2013


The Paper Smooches Sparks challenge was vintage. I think if you have checked out my blog at all you would quickly see vintage is not my style at all LOL! Izzy was here when I was looking at the challenge the first time and she wanted to know more about it. When I shared that I really wasn't good at that she gave me a mini lecture about never giving up and there you go LOL!

The first card was my first attempt.  I have always liked that vintage is distressed adn usually uses fun patterns and lace as well.  I started with the first card.  As I was looking at it and wrestleing with the fact that it wasn't me at all I made some discoveries.  First instead of the PTI chai tea duo I could use the distress vintage photo ink.  Then I thought if I CASed it up a bit I would like the card much better. 
Here is the second attempt, much more like a Terri card, so I am loving the end card and really happy Izzy pushed me to explore my inner vintage LOL!
It seems there was a mix up on the Paper Smooches Sparks site, so this might not get looked at this week.  Ultimately, I am still glad that Izzy and I got to create. 

It's a good life!
Terri E.


The Paper Parade said...

You got it in on time :) I think tomorrow's post just went up a day early on accident! Anyway, I like both cards, but I actually think I like the one with the trim the best :) I love how you have the hearts lined up that way, and the patterned paper makes them pop!

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