Thursday, January 1, 2015

MIM Catch up week

Well hello long time without posting.  We have been crafting/creating powerhouses over here.  We made a TON of Betsy's ornaments for all of the teachers/dance teachers/librarians/horse caregiver (seriously it was like 45 ornaments!).  Izzy also did a lot of hand painted masterpieces.   She is really getting into creating and crafting. 

Sense we have a throw back MIM challenge at PTI, I thought I would enter a throw back project that was never entered.  Can you even bellieve we are done with half of the school year?  I am just now scrapping my MIM book for July.  It is kind of fun to remember all of the warm things we did this year during the cold winter. 

We made these fun tags and gifts for all of teachers in Izzy's school (yeah we give to all of her teachers, office staff, assistants basically anyone who she ever talks too LOL!).  We found great jars at Michaels and put water mix ups in them for everyone. 

This was totally inspired by Laura's MIM about mixing background paste.  I LOVED how she created the stencil using the alphabet dies.  Really added a lot to the projects.  This is one the WHOLE family loved.  On that note, I am doing a new one for the MM week introduction page so there will be a new one done as well.  We only enter one a challenge now, so I might put it here, but it won't be official.  Have a great new year!

It's a good life!
Terri E.

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