Monday, July 14, 2014

Cece's take

Of course Cece had to get into the action with this week's MIM.  She wanted to do only pink, but when asked to pick other colors she was able to manage LOL!  She really liked the heart element.  She is giving this to the buy who mows the lawn (he is in his early 20s and she has a little crush on him).

It's a good life!
Cece and Terri E.


Linda said...

Cece, this is so great. So cute and great stamping.
Terri, What talented girls you have.

Diana K said...

So sweet! Cece and the card. LOL about her crush on the kid who mows the lawn.

Colleen said...

Yeah for passing on the love of creating! What an adorable daughter and her card is fantastic! what a sweetheart for thinking about giving it to someone else!