Monday, November 25, 2013

Little houese take 2

I really didn't realize how much fun we would have making these for the PTI blog hop.  At first I thought this wouldn't be my thing, in fact I wasn't going to do it at all.  Then I showed Izzy and she just had to do it.  She excitedly said that her mind was buzzing with ideas.  I just love that about kids!  This was my second attempt and I am so excited.  It ended up being such a fun thing to work on together.  I think we will end up with many more.
 A close up of the room and side.  I think some of the fun was just creating to create.  I knew there wasn't a big purpose for this, but it was just a blast to dig through the stamps to see what would work.  It was even more fun to get a pen out and start drawing :)
I added some wink of stella to doll it up a bit. 

It's a good life!
Terri E.


Leigh Penner said...

I had to laugh while reading your post.... I had a similar conversation with my daughter! I was getting frustrated and was saying that this was my last one.... and she was talking about how we're going to make more of them!

Kristii said...

How fun to work on it together!! That's what crafting is all about!! Absolutely wonderful!

Alex said...

The best crafting is always with the kiddos! Love all the hand-drawn accents! This would actually be a fun tradition to start every year with the kids. We all created our own, signed and dated the bottom, and will do the same again next year. This way I can see how much more creative they get over the years, and by the time they are older, we will have one awesome village!

Helen F. said...

FUN times, enjoy every minute of your crafty time with your little one! Family traditions are the BEST! Your houses are Adorable creations :)

mypapercraftworld said...

This is such fun ... love how you hand drew the elements ... looks fabulous! Anita :)