Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday wrap up!

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I must say I am so excited to have my baby turn 4! In the same breath, I am so excited to be done with our first big birthday week. It went really well and she had her "best brithday ever!", so we did something right.

This is my favorite shot of our little girl, Izzy. It is so crazy to think she is 4 already. She loves her little sister, all things girly and pink, nature walks, family hugs and just being Izzy! There are a ton of pictures of her friend party, so I will just let you cruise through.
Here is the banner from a fun stampin up princess kit that is now retired, but it is fabulous if you can get it! I have enough for Cece to have a princess party as well.
We just had to have pinkalicious cupcakes. That was a huge theme and she got the doll at this party as well.
I added the fun pink sprinkles as an afterthought, but it still worked out well.
Did you notice the purses earlier? These I made for each little one all out of paper. They LOVED them!!!! I had a good time making them as well. It was a template from PTI and it was worth evey penny.
Lastly, I had to share this fun card.
I am going to be sending this to Mary Sue. She is Addy's grandma and she came to the party. What a blessing for us. She took little Cece and rocked her away so we could get the party going. What a life saver! I can't wait to pop this little cutie in the mail for her.
The last step of our huge birthday extravaganza is Izzy's thank you notes. We are starting that work tomorrow after ballet. Izzy is going to do a lot of coloring on those cuties, so I will share some of her creations this week as well.
It's a good life!
Terri E.

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