Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am alive!

I did not fall into a big black hole per say, LOL! I did clean and reorganize my stamping room and it turned out to be quite a project. The April Papertrey Ink blog hop challenge was to use the Mytimeless Templates. Well, I had been really wanting to use them for some cute and fun organization. I decided to go up that morning and take pictures of my room. I will be sharing more tonight at the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop.

I am going to be sharing these in 2 posts. If you saw it all at once you would run away and never return to the blog LOL!! Here is the before of the closet. I didn't even take a before of the wall where Izzy's stamping table is. It was a really ugly dresser that hand a bunch of piles on it. I have come to realize I am the biggest piler known to man. Hopefully this major overhaul will stick.

Stamping closet before

Closet after

Dosen't the closet look better? Okay this picture is probably the least dramatic change, but it is all organized! Can you tell I took a ton of stamps out? I am going to be selling those if anyone is interested. I am also going to be selling some of my Marvy punches. I have tons of those as well and most have never seen paper:( I also have a big pile of blog candy goodies that I will be sharing as well. I am so embarssed by how much I buy and don't use. Please tell me I am not the only one LOL!!!!)

Here is the back wall of my room. It was such a mess (okay the whole room was such a mess LOL!). I do all of my cutting on the back table, so that is where I had my paper as well. It was in storage units on the floor. I also had my printer there and the big shot as well.

This was the right side of the room
The left side of the room

I went paper storage crazy and I LOVE IT!!!! There is still pleany to room for when PTI expands their color collection. This is Izzy's new space. She loves it!!! I have only had it done for 2 days and each morning she wakes up wanting to go and stamp. On my days off we sure to head in there for about 45 minutes. That alone made this whole project worth it.
Izzy at her stamping table. I was sitting at my work space when I took this. Isn't that neat?

Here are my top things that I found out about myself and my stamping "hobby" during this big project.

1. I need to look at what I have before I purchase more. I have a lot of great things already and perhaps I have something that would work if I looked first.
2. I really need to use some of my scrap paper before I go cutting into a new piece.
3. I need to finish on project before I start another. Okay perhaps finish is a strong word. Write down what it was and who it was for and then put it on a list that gets checked off LOL!
4. I need to mail out the cards I make, write in and address! REALLY (this one was so embarrising until I realized that I just started making cards for others this year LOL)
5. I need to scrap all of these fabulous pictures I just had to print out! (We are looking at getting a new camera so I can capture more of Izzy's alusive smiles, so this goes with the "need" part of a camera LOL!)

Wow all that from cleaining my room. Does anyone have tips on how to help with these goals?

Also I was given my first ever blogger award from Lynnette, a new found stamping friend . I am so blessed and grateful. I wanted to participate and pass it along to some blogs I found recently. I am going to work on that tomorrow after the papertrey blog hop, but I did want to thank Lynnette!
It's a good life!
Terri E.


Caryl P said...

You are NOT the only piler! I pile until I put something on the pile and then it's an avalanche. At that point I repile it and cant' find anything. I'm hoping your pictures have been inspiration for me to clean today!
When it comes time to scrap the pictures use sketch challenges for page layouts. I'd love to see your work over at

Shabby Horse said...

You're room looks really nice and I love the color on the walls. What a cute space for Izzy. That's very special. I don't have any organization advice...sorry....;), except that I just try to keep my things that are in the same category in the same area. I keep my cards in a file organizer and put them in there for the month I think I will need to use them...etc.

I just have a really small area to work in and I am so jealous that you have your own room, lol. It looks like you have some great stuff in your stamp room! :) Take Care!